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Some info I tweeted in the last week - Anime Vegas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Some info I tweeted in the last week [May. 4th, 2010|11:37 pm]
The Official Anime Vegas Live Journal Community!


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Alexis Park Resort

375 East Harmon
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Reservations: 800-582-2228 • Hotel Direct: 702-796-3300


Anime Vegas has made special rates for attendees of our event!
Suite rates start at $69.00 per night for attendees (double occupancy).
Mention Anime Vegas to get this special rate!

Suite Rates:

Monarch Suite (Queen, Double-Double, King) - $69.00 a night plus room tax.
Crown Suite (Loft) - $119.00 a night plus taxes.
Majestic Suite (Superking) - $199.00 a night plus taxes.
Regal Suite (2 bedroom) - $249.00 a night plus taxes.</a>

Sign Policy

1. Hand written and/or printed signs are prohibited. Offenders will be ejected from the convention WITHOUT refund. Authorization for printed material must have advanced written consent from Anime Vegas.

2. To have your sign approved, you must submit it to Anime Vegas at info@animevegas.com , no later than August 15, 2010. You also must be pre-registered for the event to have your sign approved. Anime Vegas askes for THE EXACT photo of the sign in order to approve it. Attach it to your email. Any sign requests received after August 15, 2010 will not be approved.

3. Anime Vegas will then send you an email of approval or no approval of your sign.

3. If your sign is approved, you will receive an email with your approval. BRING THIS WITH YOU TO PRE-REGISTRATION AND YOUR SIGN THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

4. Your sign will then be stamped on the front right bottom corner with our Anime Vegas one of a kind stamp. This allows the staff to see it is an approved sign. YOU MUST HAVE THE SIGN STAMPED IN THE RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER OR YOU CANNOT DISPLAY YOUR SIGN.

5. Should you alter your sign after it is approved, we will revoke the sign and possibly remove you from the event without a refund.

6. All other signs, hand written/custom offensive shirts, offensive banners, offensive material, offensive hats, or other offensive items attached to your clothes or person is prohibited.

6. Anime Vegas reserves the right to confiscate any sign deemed inappropriate.

We also have Karaoke this year! List of already requested songs here and Request songs here.