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Anime Vegas

The Official Anime Vegas Live Journal Community!
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Welcome to the Anime Vegas Livejournal Community! While this community is primarily for the yearly anime convention, feel free to also discuss the monthly anime marathon or other anime-related events in the Vegas Valley.

There is one rule I expect you to follow: NO DRAMA. I know this is Livejournal and all, but we can all at least pretend to be adults, right? ^^

Your community maintainer is sakuramikage.

This year, the Anime Vegas Convention is on September 4-6, 2010. That's Labor Day Weekend, so the con is Saturday through Monday, not Friday through Sunday. We are at a new location this year - the Alexis Park! Please visit http://www.animevegas.com for more info; the site will naturally grow bigger as we get closer to the date.

You can find information about the next Anime Vegas Marathon at http://www.animevegas.net . What's the Marathon? It's 5-6 hours of anime, shown every month by Rich at the Gibson Library (in Henderson). It's a great place to hang out with over a hundred people that love anime! Often there are raffles, and most months you can find the Doki Doki Cafe serving up treats and a good time in the library meeting room!

Keep updated on the go: add us to your Twitter feed! http://www.twitter.com/animevegas